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Have your very own practice legal app


Increase you practices retention of clients


Business brand your practice


An app gives your practice a serious boost


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SOL-plan Advocates


This Solplan Advocate section is an open page so therefore the information contained will be limited, for commercial reasons but for law practices who may be considering joining the scheme or just want to know more here are some taster points  for more detailed information click the link and we will send you more information explaining how we will increase your client data base and increase your fee income through volume


What is SOL-plan?


Very similar to DENPLAN (a scheme for dental treatment) but with no subscription charges 

A SOL-plan membership scheme : where clients can enrol FOR FREE and  Sol-Plan Advocates will provide a fixed fee policy or other incentives for legal advice in segments of 1/2 or 1 hour for a one off consultation period

SOL-plan actively recruits members through its face to face marketing: through continually being pro-active we adopt a go get them policy where as most practices will just wait for those which will become even more elusive in time to hoping they will still walk in, well not with internet listings, you are in the public domain so you will be under scrutiny: so if you are competitve let it be known via our service and become an Advocate,their will only be a number of places available per location this will be explained if you take this enquiry to its next stage


SOL-plans mission  policy is about numbers the more members we recruit ,and the more enquiries you receive, the more fee income you achieve and the more you achieve the happier we are


Once you become an Advocate you will automatically listed as a Solplan Advocate with Premier Status for your location  


What is an SOL-plan Advocacy?


 A law practice that offers a fixed fee policy and be forward thinking within its planning resource and seriously considering offering incentives as to gain more clients it is going to get tougher and certainly not easier and with the growing compettiton and mergers law practices cannot sit by and hope that your office/shop signage alone will not draw clients in alone 

As an Advocate the benefits will be enormous in respect to you having an independant resource at your disposal whom will  actively be recruiting clients in your local area into a scheme that is unique and also will be very beneficial to the clients: one of the many benefits

that members  will receive is they have no fees associated with this free service 


As advocates of Solplan you will be offering them a facility that they do not and will not receive from most other practices


If you really do want extra enquiries and conversions Solplan will provide this service  


Clink the link below and  send us your contact details


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