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If you run your own practice


you should have your Apps



Have your very own practice legal app


Increase you practices retention of clients


Business brand your practice


An app gives your practice a serious boost


Promote your practice with special promotions


Geo targeted push notifications


Clients click to call


Reap the benefit of their loyalty

Apps are exclusive to mobile and tablet devices


Adding an app to your business for the 16-40 can increase your clientele group as

Much as 60%


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SOL-plan Membership

SOL-plan Membership



What is SOL-plan?



Sol-plan is a free membership scheme and you will have the peace of mind knowing that should you ever require legal advice our participating law practices will offer you a fixed fee price scheme for advice relating to most legal matters for Sol-plan members


Once you have become a SOL-plan member and require their services you can rest assured it will be a fixed fee for a ½ or 1hr time slot

Your first enquiry by telephoning the practice of your choice located in your area will

Last no longer than 5 minutes from this your lawyer can determine your course of any further action    

Once you have established your relationship with your Advocate you will receive as a matter of course receive their direct contact number and email address,

The comfort of knowing that our lawyers will only charge you for a time slot is a major Concession as most law practices do not offer this facility but all SOL-plan Advocates will adhere to this policy   


One of the most important aspects are once you have established your relationship with your advocate it becomes a more personal item knowing that there is someone their to offer you advice and representation should you require their services

On specialist matters our Advocates will only be to pleased to quote you for any services you may require on individual matters

It is absolutely free to join; once enrolled you will have the peace of mind that should you ever need the services of a solicitor they will abide by our fixed pricing scheme which is honoured by all of our SOL-plan Advocates   





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We do not pass your details on to any other organisations 

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