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If you run your own practice


you should have your Apps



Have your very own practice legal app


Increase you practices retention of clients


Business brand your practice


An app gives your practice a serious boost


Promote your practice with special promotions


Geo targeted push notifications


Clients click to call


Reap the benefit of their loyalty

Apps are exclusive to mobile and tablet devices


Adding an app to your business for the 16-40 can increase your clientele group as

Much as 60%


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5  Once the service has begun and you accept the higher profile of your description and the associated costs you lose your right to cancel

6 As a Distance Sale we will implement is a 14 day cooling off period 

7 This exclusion clause removes your right to cancel once an upgraded service has begun i.e. a higher profile status has been intiated as this contract was not formed directly between the seller and the buyer a cancelation email will be required within the cooling off period to avert any associated fees incurred 

8 A minimum contract period will be 12 months

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